The Mohican Farmhouse

Pet Friendly Cabin and a Petting Zoo = Best Family Vacation!

Part of the charm of the Mohican Farmhouse is the many friendly farm animals that are permanent residence on the property. The moment you pull into the parking lot and step out of your vehicle, you are likely to be greated by one of our friendly cats and a loud "neigh"from Spirit, our miniature horse. Feed packages are available so you can hand feed the animals during your stay and care takers visit once a day and are happy to answer any questions about the animals.

The cottage also adds to the charm of the property by offering a private one-room bedroom away from the house. It serves as an over-flow when more than 10 guests are staying, but can also be used when extra privacy is needed, or someone just wants a quiet place to nap. On occasion, a loud snorer has had to take refuge in the cottage as well.

Renting the farmhouse is like staying the night at a petting zoo.  In this photo, a blond hair girl feeds two brown llamas by placing feed on an upside-down green frisbee.Family friendly vacation rentals near Mohican State Park.  Here Candy the Llama looks into the camera.An orange kitten has climbed the tree and is looking down.  The farmhouse gets many stray cats and we pay to have them vaccinated and spayed or neutered.  We also encouraged guests to adopt a kitten.  Friendly cats rise up out of a flowering pot after a nap.  There is always a friendly cat to greet you when you arrive for your stay at this family friendly cabin rental near Mohican Park.A brown and white miniature horse stands in the snow.  The mohican Farmhouse is a great place to enjoy a winter hike, build a snowman or go sledding for a winter get awayA feed package consists of several bags of food on a frisbee (works as a dish to feed the animals) that is wrapped in clear plastic.  Vacationing guests can purchase the package to feed the animals during their stay.Ohio best family vacation rental.  Here a goat waits for attention from guests staying at the Mohican Farmhouse.When you take a summer vacation at this home for rent, it's like having your own petting zoo near mohican.  Here, two brown goats eat hay while waiting for a guests to pet them.Interact with the miniature horse at cabin rentals near mohican state park.A brown alpaca stands in the pasture.  Just one of many animals guests get to see while relaxing at the Mohican FarmhouseA group of yellow chicks gather together during the early spring.  The Farmhouse nightly rental is a popular rental for Easter and Spring Breaks in Ohio.White, Black and Brown Chickens feed in the pasture with a fishing pond in the background.  The Farmhouse is the only rental with animals to pet and feed and a private fishing pondA black bunny stands on its hind legs to look out of its cage.  There are many farm animals to interact with while staying at the Mohican Farmhouse.Five kittens play in a stall in the barn at this cabin rental with animals.  Two of the kittens are orange, the others are a mixture of black, brown, orange and white.

The Farm Animals

  • Friendly animals to pet and feed
  • Miniature goats
  • Miniature horse
  • LLama
  • Alpaca
  • Rabbit
  • Chickens
  • Cats
  • Feed packages available for purchase
The Cottage is a one room nightly rental that was the old outdoor kitchen.  Gray siding and a red roof, it is surrounded by flowers and views of Mohican Forest.The cottage has a chalk board in front that reads "Welcome to the Cottage."  A wood walkway leads from the main house to the cottage.  The farmhouse and cottage are a better value than any hotel near mohican state park.Orange and Yellow Tulips grow in front off the cottage in spring.  When guests need a quiet, private bedroom to stay while on vacation, the cottage is perfectA queen bed an a solid oak entry door are inside the cottage.  Like a room at the Mohican State Park Lodge, a queen bed, night stand, Sleeper sofa and TV are available for a nightly stay.A comfortable queen bed with foam mattress has a beautiful quilt and is located in the cottage rental.The brown sofa is a comfortable spot to relax and watch the llamas or TV.  It also pulls out in to a full size bed.  Up to four guests can sleep in the cottage at Mohican State ParkThe white mohican farmhouse is to the front left of the smaller one-room cottage that offers privacy for larger groups that rent the cabin.The back of the cottage has three windows that offers view of the llamas and alpacas in pasture.  The cottage is just a few feet off the farmhouse.The cottage is a cozy romantic rental perfect for couples, or families with small children.  The front of the cottage has a covered porch with a rocking chair.  There is a window and a curved top front door.The cottage is decorated with lights at Christmas.  It is a great holiday rental or gift for friends and familyThe cottage is a short walk off the back screen porch.  The farmhouse is a perfect rental for large groups staying near mid-Ohio Speedway, Mohican Park, Amish Country, Richland County, or Ashland CountyIn December, a Christmas tree is set up in the cottage and some stuffed Christmas bear, and gingerbread men are placed in the cottage.


  • Essentially an extra bedroom that can only be rented with the farmhouse.
  • Queen bed and full size sleeper sofa
  • Fully heated and window air conditioned.
  • Detached from house, so offers privacy.
  • Enough space to set up the pack-n-play
  • No Bathroom, so guests must enter through back of house to use restroom.